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Our kids enjoyed meeting their favorite Lego friends at LEGOLAND Florida yesterday. We also enjoyed the Pirate ski show, Miniland USA, and all the rides. Kalyra's favorite ride was the Technic Coaster and Savannah's was Beetle Bounce. Have you been to Legoland Florida? Here are some photo highlights as guests of Visit Central Florida

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Who loves LEGO?

Let's do this Legoland Florida. Have you been? Here with Visit Central Florida.

12 Exciting Travel gifts for her (for glam and organization)

'Tis the season for gift giving! No need to scratch your head figuring out what to buy your friends and family addicted to travel!

These are the most exciting travel items I've discovered (and use all the time) this year.

They help me stay organized and feel a little glam. These are gift ideas for her!

Please share it with your friends!

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One way we keep healthy on the road --> with @grokkerinc online fitness & yoga membership Great recipes as well

Photos from yTravel Blog's post

Next 2 nights we are staying at LEGOLAND Beach Retreat here in Central Florida. Check out our cute bungalow. And tomorrow we go to Legoland. Kids are excited. Thanks to Visit Central Florida for hosting us. Have you been?

What destination have you found to be overrated?

SO we fed lemurs in Central Florida at the Safari Wilderness Ranch. Guests of Visit Central Florida.

The Ultimate Guide to the Christmas Markets in Prague

Are the Christmas Markets in Europe on your wish list? Check out this excellent guide to the Prague Christmas marketswritten by a Czech local on our blog today. The markets look and sound beautiful. Have you been?

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19 tips for traveling to Thailand with kids...

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Islands of Adventure, Orlando

Photo highlights from this park at Universal Orlando. Have you been? What is your favorite ride? Ours was The Hulk, and all the stuff in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Five Incredible Wine Regions To Get Drunk In (Besides France)

Where's your favorite wine region to tour and (perhaps) get drunk in?

I've been to three of these and love Barossa the most so far!

Blue skies and some of the whitest sand we have seen so far in the US at Clearwater Beach in Florida. Have you been? What is your fave beach in the US?

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Who on here has a blog? And loves Pinterest?

If you want to know how to schedule pins, and the best time of the day to pin, plus a bunch of other cool stuff, I just published this post on 8 reasons why and how I love the Tailwind App for running my Pinterest account. Couldn't live without it.


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Last nights sunset in Clearwater Beach, Florida from the Wyndham Grand Hotel. Nice way to finish a day after our family travel conference.

3 Day Itinerary for Visiting the Unique Basque Region of Spain

Calling all Game of Throne fans...

Anyone interested in visiting the Basque region of Spain? This is the place where the Dragonstone Island from the Game of Thrones (castle of Daenerys Targaryen) has been filmed. Here's a 3 day itinerary for Basque Country.

This Couple 'Roadschools' Their Kids While Traveling The World. Here's How It Works

How we roadschool our kids! Sharing what it all looks like and why on Mind Body Green

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Diagon Alley.... :)

We loved exploring this recreation of the famed Harry Potter street at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando. It's truly magical and you feel like you are part of the book and movie series. Who loves Harry Potter? Guests of Universal Orlando Resort

Would you rather see a lot of places or get to know one really well?

Insider Tips on Things to Do in Amsterdam by a Local

Amsterdam tips from a local...

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How to visit the Great Barrier Reef - Tours from Cairns

We finally made it to the Great Barrier Reef. Only took 40 years!

Our tips on tours, islands, doing it with kids, and more...

20 Life lessons learned through travel

Travel is not just about places to see, but what you learn about yourself, life & your connection to others.

Here are 20 truths I've learned about life through my 20 years of travel experiences. It's a freebie!

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Hogwarts Express 😀

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We spent a lot of time in Hogsmeade Village in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter section in the Islands of Adventure theme park at Universal Orlando. We felt like we were part of the book and movie, just incredible how they have recreated the magic. And Butterbeer...YUM.
Here as guests of Universal Orlando Resort.


Happy to be sharing our roadschooling lifestyle on Mind Body Green.

If you are interested in seeing how it works and why we do it this way (and how we keep the "balance' then click now to read more!

6 Hot Destinations on the British Isles to Travel to Right Now

The British Isles is incredibly diverse and these 6 hot destinations are a great way to experience it. 😍

I love the inclusion of Mt Snowdon on this list from Amanda O'Brien. Great memories climbing that mountain. 🛤

What would you add to the list?

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So the main feature of Universal's Volcano Bay water park here in Orlando is of course the massive volcano. And within the volcano are several water slides including Kalyra's favorite slide the Aqua Coaster, and if you want to brave the volcano you can do what Caz did and take on the 70-degree fall through a drop door and slide 125 feet at high speed into a pool below - you might get water up your nose and your swimmers up your bum. In front of the volcano is an impressive waterfall, and a beach and wave pool area, and at night time the volcano lights up and simulates and eruption - very cool.

We'll have more photos coming from Volcano Bay, and one tip is that if you stay on site at one of the 5 Universal hotels like the one we are staying at, Cabana Bay Beach Resort, you get one hour early access to the park before the public so you can beat the crowds and lines to the popular slides like the Aqua Coaster. And you can walk there from Cabana Bay, helpful with young kids. Guests of Universal Orlando Resort

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Our favorite ride from Universal Orlando....THE HULK.

Our top 5 rides from all three Universal parks here in Orlando would be:
1. The Hulk.
2. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
3. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts
4. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit
5. Cat in the Hat (for little Savannah)
We will be sharing several more photos from all three parks (Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay) over the coming days. We had a fantastic time and Kalyra was literally in tears walking out tonight, especially to be leaving The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Stay tuned for updates plus an in-depth blog post.

Here as guests of Universal Orlando Resort


Seriously need to get this recipe. D e l i c i o u s. Have you tried it? Tastes so good at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando Resort. (#HostedTravel)

Day 3 at Universal Orlando. Back at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Might move in lol. 😀

Here with Universal Orlando Resort

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Well played Universal Orlando, well played. Caz and Kalyra have read all the Harry Potter books and watched all the movies, They are BIG fans like many, and what Universal have done here with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is incredible. I haven't read any of the books and have only watched 2 of the movies, but how they have recreated Diagon Alley and Hogswarts makes me inspired to read and watch them all. Experiences in life are about how they make you "feel" and coming here you can feel the magic and feel part of the experience. And even catching the Hogswarts Express from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley between Universal Studios and Isands of Adventure was cool and feel like you are arriving in London. So cool to see all these families dressed in their Harry Potter gear, the movement J.K Rowling has created is mind blowing, this stuff is real. Was so awesome to see the emotions on my girls yesterday. And the escape from Gringotts ride and The Forbidden Journey Ride were awesome too. Back for more magic today! And Butter Beer, how friggin delicious is butter beer!! Guest of Universal Orlando Resort

How to create at travel life you love

Not sure where to start travelling? Our in-depth ebook will take you from travel dreaming to planning so you can create that travel life you love without spending a fortune!

What is your dream travelling experience?

Got the Hermione Granger wand at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Orlando. One happy Harry Potter fan here. Our job is done! 😁

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Awesome day yesterday at Universal's Volcano Bay. Lots of photos coming once I have time to download them off my camera and edit. Savannah's fave ride was the Lazy River and Kalyra's the Aqua Coaster. And was fun spending the day with Bryanna and her family aka the "Crazy Family Adventure. Today we are at Islands of Adventure! 😁

10 Iconic Places to Eat in NYC

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Great tips from local New Yorker Christine...

Things to Do in Rome Italy - Insider travel tips

Tips on things to do in Rome from around the web...

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Good morning... waking up in Orlando. Exciting day of fun ahead at Volcano Bay. Let's go get wet on water slides!! :)

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9 Free Things to Do in NYC

Love to visit New York City?

Here's 9 free things to do...

4 days of fun at Universal Orlando starts NOW. Tomorrow Volcano Bay. Then Universal Studios. Then Islands of Adventure. Kalyra is SUPER excited about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Have you been to any of these parks? Any tips?

Are you usually early, late or bang on time?

3 Insane Adventures in Otztal Austria you don't want to miss (+ 1 relaxing one)

Wrapping up the adventures in Otztal Austria.

Don't miss these awesome places if you love a bit of thrillseeking fun

It's something I certainly won't forget!

Savannah in Savannah, Georgia...

She has arrived home lol. For one night only on our way to Orlando. We love this city and couldn't wait to bring our daughter here as we basically named her after this place. Have you been?

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We loved that the Museum of Life and Science in Durham is mostly outdoors. Beautiful boardwalk area, especially during the fall.

What museums do you love?